Behind the Scenes at Dario Scapitta

Dario Scarpatti Shop

Jazz, classic and a touch of Pink Martini. This combination mixed with Italian creativity and you will arrive at Dario Scapitta's unique contemporary jewels. Read more in his Behind the Scenes interview.



Behind the Scenes at London Based Jeweller HEITER

Heiter Couture Jewellery

A personal obsession with Science Fiction & Film Noir and Art Deco inspires Belgrade born jewellery designer Mia Krstic to create her one-of-a-kind pieces.


8 Italian Jewellers You Should Know About

Italian Jewellers

Jewellery lovers, listen up! Chances are that you have only discovered a small fraction of all the talented designers out there. Here are 8 Italian jewellers you should know!

Behind the Scenes at Croatian Jeweller Ivan Midzic

Ivan Midzic Art Jewellery

"My jewelry is kind of rough. I leave the traces of tools, imperfections in form, my jewelry is sometimes even heavy. I use construction materials, as the steel wire, copper wire for electric instalations, aluminum wire for welding, metal sheets."  Read more about Ivan Midvic unique art jewellery in our interview.



Behind the Scenes at Simone Vera Bath

simone vera bath

Learn more about Simone Vera Bath, 'the lady of rings', and take a sneak peek behind the scenes at her studio in Rome.

Behind the Scenes at Studiozero-Vetro


Magical pieces with mesmerising colours. Each jewel is handmade and slightly different. Read the interview to learn more about Caterine's jewellery making technique and her beautiful designs.


Behind the Scenes at Spanish Jeweller dh joyas

dh joyas Jewellery

Tradition meets contemporary art. Learn more about the designer behind the Spanish jewellery label dh joyas in our Behind the Scenes interview.

Behind the Scenes at Shimmer by Cindy

Shimmer By Cindy

'The best way to get to know a woman is through her jewelry box. It tells the story of her life.' Learn more about the beautiful jewellery by Shimmer by Cindy in Cindy's Behind the Scenes interview.

Behind the Scenes at Italian Jeweller Silvia Dal Soggio

Long Necklace in milky aquamarine rondellas and carved jade pendant  Long Necklace in white sponge coral beads and very fine quality dendritic jasper pendant

Introducting Silvia Dal Soggio, a real gemstone enthusiast who creates the most magical pieces with their own stories. Gemstone lovers, this jeweller is for you!

Behind the Scenes at US Label AnaKatarina Jewelry

Ana Katarina Jewelry

Artist. Activist. Feminist. Mother. Read Ana Katarina's inspiring story of how she became a jewellery designer. 

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