8 Italian Jewellers You Should Know About

Jewellery lovers, listen up, chances are that you have only discovered a small fraction of all the talented designers out there. So we thought it's a good idea to introduce you to some of our favourire Italian jewellers that you may not have come across yet. And if you did, congrats: You are on the right track to stop sending 100% of your jewellery love to the high street brands! Let's get started..

8 Italian Jewellers You Should Know About

Silvia Dal Soggio

Silvia Dal Soggio creates magical bohemian yet elegant jewellery for everyday wear. She chooses her materials with passion, dedication and a careful observation of each element able to emphasize the uniqueness and natural beauty that resides in the typical “inclusions” of any gem: some stones fascinate for their transparency, their purity and their sparkling light and others attract because within them is enclosed a wonderful universe of elements, colors, unique and unrepeatable reflections. All stones are sourced ethically and conflict-free.

Read more about the designer in her Behind the Scenes interview here.

Shop:  Silvia Dal Soggio

Silvia Dal Soggio


Caterina Zucchi, the designer of Studiozero-Vetro, creates handmade glass jewels that are all somewhat one of a kind. Amongst the numerous glass-working techniques, Caterina chose the blowpipe technique which allows her to express her creativity perfectly resulting in unique and colourful statement pieces. Read more about her jewellery making process in her Behind the Scenes interview here.

Shop:  Studiozero-Vetro

Emerging Designer Jewellery Studiozero-Vetro

Maria Diana

“I am interested in all disciplines related to art and creativity. I chose to make jewelry, because I like to think they are small pieces of art that have the privilege to travel easily around the world.”  

Maria Diana is an Italian jewellery designer who seeks to innovate and experiment with unconvential materials without neglecting style. Her jewellery is feminine and modern. Each peace in her collection is unique and brings together style, research, tradition and innovation. Maria Diana's jewellery has been exhibited in museums and stores around the world.

Shop:  Maria Diana

Maria Diana

Simone Vera Bath

Born in Berlin - a city that was broken into two, Simone Vera Bath has always felt the desire to heal the divisions of history. The environment in which she was raised had a profound impact on her creations still today.

Her jewelry embodies imperfection, transformation, contrast and playfulness. This combined with precious materials result in individual and unique pieces that portray both, the past and present, telling the story of times gone by.

Read more about Simone Vera Bath and her story in our Behind the Scenes interview here.

Shop:  Simone Vera Bath

Simone Vera Bath Jewellery

Arata Fuchi

Arata Fuchi's work is inspired by the Japanese sense of beauty, that is 'beauty of form that nature, not artifice, creates' and the 'vitality of nature'.

In order to express such beauty, the jeweller developed the ancient technique of South Korea that is called Keum-Boo in her own way. By trial and error she created an original technique that she calls 'pulverisation'. With this technique the surface is covered with silver (metal) powder to make it appear rough thereby uniting regular and irregular shapes and creating 'beauty of form that nature not artifice creates'.

Shop:  Arata Fuchi

Arata Fuchi


MU was founded in 2003 by Cetti Davi and Dario Feo. The label's design is modern, creative and unconvential. In addition to contemporary silicone jewellery, the labels also creates silicone home accessories and wearable sculptures.

Shop:  MU

MU Factory

Co.Ro. Jewels

Co.Ro. is a Rome-based handcrafted jewellery label that was established by two Italian architects, Costanza and Giulia, 2012. Their jewellery is modern yet timeless and inspired by architecture design in its broader term. Each piece is crafted with a sophisticated flair out of gold, sterling silver, bronze and ruthenium. Co.Ro. creates unique contemporary jewellery that experiments with spaces, volumes and shapes.

Shop:  Co.Ro


Maria Cristina Bellucci

Maria Cristina Bellucci has been working as a contemporary jeweller for 18 years. Her jewellery strikes through its bright colours and harmonic designs which is is entirely in line with the jeweller's philosophy, to live in harmony and awareness. Maria seeks to experiment with matter: "What is ordinary holds the potential to be transformed into something special and beautiful."

Shop:  Maria Cristina Bellucci

Maria Cristina Bellucci

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