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Co.Ro. Jewellery - Italian Designer Jewellery



What is your name?

Hi everyone, it’s Costanza and Giulia here, the design duo behind the Co.Ro. Jewels brand! Nice to meet you all!

Where did you grow up?

We both grew up in the historic center of Rome. 

What do you love about jewellery?

Jewellery is a powerful mean of self-expression and we do believe it is more than a simple and fancy adornment:it marks a moment. Being connected in such a deep way with other people, sharing beautiful and positive vibes through our designs is just amazing and we can’t get enough!

When did you discover your love for jewellery?

During high school. Then, we kept on nurturing it as side project during university, when Costanza attended a prestigious jewellery design course where she literally fell in love with the fascinating technique of lost wax casting. The endless architecture study sessions gave her the inspiration to share this new-learned expertise with Giulia and, here we are!

How did you become a jewellery designer?

We started applying the knowledge Costanza appraised during the above mentioned course by manufacturing our own jewels, which soon gained positive attention from our fellow mates. After graduation, we decided to make our business out of this. How? By studying new techniques, materials and business management thanks to a job experience we gained at a  large jewelry design company right after graduation. Then we registered Co.Ro. as a trademark in 2011 and established our company back in 2014.



Co Ro Jewellery - Geometric Jewellery Influenced by Architecture

Describe your style, what is most characteristic about your jewellery design?

The design of each single piece is approached with the same care we would have in designing a building or a house. As architects, it comes without saying how much our jewellery designed is influenced by architectural shapes, geometric lines and an unexpected yet fascinating relationship between substance and space. And we believe this is our most valuable characteristic.

Which music genre describes Co.Ro. Jewel's jewellery best?

What a tricky question to answer! In fact, you have to know that in our shop in the historic centre of Rome, there is always an iPod playlist on, broadcasting music all around. We find lots of inspiration in this! But if we have to choose only a genre, we would rather say indie music: as we are free, independent young women and our creations have a true and genuine meaning.

Co Ro Geometric Square Rings

What is your favourite item of your jewellery line?

We love all our creations, as behind each and single one of them there is a specific story, a specific meaning. Both for us and for each of our beloved clients. But if we have to choose, we’d rather go for the one with the most sentimental value:,our first-ever pendant which Costanza designed and realised for Giulia’s 18th birthday. Simple shapes which hide an unexpected multiplicity of meanings and interpretations.



Co Ro Jewellery - Italian Designer Jewels

Describe a typical day at Co.Ro. Jewels?

Every day is different, but we usually start our day by indulging ourselves with a corroborative coffee and, from time to time, by buying a fresh bouquet for our atelier from a vintage ape car at the corner of the  street. We may therefore head to our atelier and split up our time by designing new jewels, by welcoming new and affectionate clients, and by doing some necessary administrative stuff. Sometimes, we also go “on mission” to our suppliers and master artisans to hold meetings and choose materials.

How do you  make your jewellery?

After the necessary brainstorming phase, we design and create the prototype through applying the low casting or the 3D printing techniques and then, it’s our skilled artisans’ turn to create the perfect jewel. After, we take care of the final touches, such as polishing and bezel new precious and semi-precious stones.

Where do Co.Ro. Jewels draw their inspiration from?

Architecture and all its imaginarium is the clear fil rouge that connect all our creations. From what we appreciate on a daily basis - think of  the Squared Coliseum in the EUR district of Rome - to what we encounter during our travels around the world - think of the Guggenheim Foundation’s gate in Venice or the Far East pagodas: the magnificient versatility of these lines are our greatest  - not exclusive though - source of inspiration for designing contemporary and wonderful jewels for our selected clientele.

Co.Ro. Italian Designer Jewellery


Ring, Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, or Bangle?

Ear jackets, to be fair: they are designed to be completely customizable in terms of shapes and combinations. This extreme versatility is perfect to express our creative mood.

Mountains or beach holiday?

We have been spending our holidays in the lovely town Positano, in the Amalfi coast, since we were children. We are so much affectionate to that place that we designed “Mediterranea”: a collection inspired to the Mediterranean architectures, whose charming feature is to be born spontaneously. It recalls very good and summerish vibes.

What's your favourite city?

We indeed love to travel: in the past two months we covered India and Australia, for example. But as the saying goes: no place is like home. So we’ll go for Rome. With all its beauty and contrasts included.

Do you have a favourite jewel that comes with you on all your travels?

We always travel with our classic best seller: our gasometro ring. Inspired to the gas holder of the Ostiense district of Rome, its beauty and classic shapes recall timeless yet energic elegance.


We hope you enjoyed Co.Ro. Jewel's interview as part of our Behind The Scenes with Emerging Jewellers series :) Visit Co.Ro. Jewels's designer profile to see more of their stunning creations here.


Co.Ro. Jewels - Italian Designer Jewellery // Geometric Fine Jewellery Inspired by Architecture




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