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What is your name?

Mia Mirjana Krstic.

Where did you grow up?

Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

What do you love about jewellery?

When I think about jewellery I think of a piece of an ornament that cares a story and these two elements are tied together.

When did you discover your love for jewellery?

I remember as a teenager coming across a book about Ethnic jewellery and being totally fascinated.

How did you become a jewellery designer?

I noticed a beautiful necklace in Vogue magazine some time in 2001 which was made by Erickson Beamon. I called up and started my internship a week later - I ended up staying  there for 14 years and my love for costume jewellery never stopped. Working for visionary creative director Vicki Sarge was the best (jewellery) school I had.

Heiter Couture Jewellery



Describe your style, what is most characteristic about your jewellery design?

It must be a crystal sparkle - I hardly make a piece without it.

Which music genre describes Heiter Couture Jewellery best?

I was a teenager in the 80's, early 90's so we are talking David Bowie, The Cure & Bjork and everything in between.

If you could choose one song that describes best your jewellery, which one would you choose?

I'd love to think it's "Cat people" by David Bowie but it must come with Nastassja Kinski and black panthers.

What is your favourite item of your jewellery line?

A glass evil eye charm from Greece my mum bought for me when I was a child.

Heiter Couture Jewellery


Describe a typical day in your studio?

Coffee, jewellery, coffee, jewellery, coffee.

How do you make your jewellery?

Sourcing includes infinitive hours online but everything is made by myself and powered by Turkish coffees.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Thats a hard question... could be anything visually pleasing to my eye.


Ring, Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, or Bangle?


Mountains or beach holiday?


What's your favourite city?


Do you have a favourite jewel that comes with you on all your travels?

I don't because these things change all the time...

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The interview is part of Song of Jewellery's Behind the Scenes interview series. You can check out Mia's pieces in our shop here.



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