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What is your name?

Sebastian Victor Pintea

Where did you grow up?

In Stockholm Sweden, a beautiful but cold place.

What do you love about jewellery?

I love the fact that is surprises me, as in I don't know where I get the ideas from. And sometimes when it is bespoke I love the stories behind them.

When did you discover your love for jewellery?

I discovered the love for small things when I was very young, it is not so much jewellery it self but how it can be used that inspires me. Of course gold is a pretty awesome thing.

How did you become a jewellery designer?

I decided I wanted to make things with my hands, did a manufacturing course, realized CAD was the latest thing and learnt it. I was working for other designers at the time and after a while I knew I'd be much happier if I started using my time to make my own creations, rather than theirs, shine.




Describe your style, what is most characteristic about your jewellery design?

I'm still working on a cohesive style I feel. At the moments it is rather eclectic.

Which music genre describes your jewellery best?

Jazz, when jazz is real good it is beats any genre no matter what mood I'm in.

Sebastian Pintea Swedish Jeweller

If you could choose one song that describes best your jewellery, which one would you choose?

"Fly me to the moon" ... and let me sing among the stars, let me see what life is like on Jupiter and Mars. It's that other-worldly feeling I'm chasing. I want and like to be transported by jewellery.

What is your favourite item of your jewellery line?

The most recently made one, the Trinity Studs.

 Trinity Studs Sebastian Pintea



Describe a typical day in your studio?

Well my studio is my living room, I got a work bench and a computer. I research and collect ideas listen to a bit of music and do a bit of filing and soldering at the bench. It is total chaos really from an outside perspective I guess.

How do you  make your jewellery?

Draw it on paper, think about it, dream about it, draw it up on the computer, get it printed and cast and then assemble it when I get the metal castings in the post. Wear it and tweak if it needs it..

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from objects and shapes that catch my attention and nature of course.

Sebastian Pintea Swedish Jeweller



Ring, Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, or Bangle?


Mountains or beach holiday?


What's your favourite city?


Do you have a favourite jewel that comes with you on all your travels?

Yes but it is secret, I've promised not to tell anyone about it.


Behind the scenes at Swedish jeweller Sebastian Pintea. Discover his jewellery making process and be inspired by his 'simple yet bold' creations!

Have a look at Sebastian Pintea's stunning creations here.



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