Behind the Scenes at Italian Jeweller Silvia Dal Soggio

Silvia Dal Soggio

The Jeweller

What is your name?

My name is Silvia Dal Soggio.

Where did you grow up?

I am from Vicenza, then I completed my studies in architecture in wonderful Venice and now I live on Iseo Lake, near Bergamo.

What do you love about jewellery?

I am a gemologist, so I am very very loving with natural gemstones with their colours, transparency, sparkling light but also the wonderful universe that is enclosed into the gems. So I use metals, gold or silver, to enrich the natural magnificence of gemstones.

When did you discover your love for jewellery?

This discovery was a great gift of my Granny …

How did you become a jewellery designer?

A few years ago I was working at an architecture studio, but there was no more work and in the meantime it came Christmas and Mom decided to give me a jewel in a jewellery piece which was a little special because the owner was a gemologist: she told me about the stones, the hidden wonders and the fantastic journey they make to get to us ... a few months later I enrolled in the gemology course in Milan, at IGI Istituto Gemmologico Italiano and from there everything started!

Silvia Dal Soggio Italian Designer Jewellery

Jewellery Design

Describe your style, what is most characteristic about your jewellery design?

My jewels are made of passion for details, perfect combination between style and elegance, and attention to quality and to stones’ cutting. I mix gemstones together in a completely unusual and unexpected way, creating jewelry with a new, extraordinary, amazing character… in a word: unique.

I mix my creativity in a magic alchemy that creates unique and precious, original and new jewelry. This summer collection evokes the magic Mediterranean with amazing colors and sparkling shapes: coral, amazonite, aquamarine, tiger eye’s, seashell, ancestral jade, agate … mixed with white, rose and yellow vermeil silver dedicated to an eclectic and cosmopolitan woman, with a strong personality, but feminine and sensual, simple and sophisticated at the same time, a luxury’s lover in its most deep and authentic essence.

Which music genre describes Silvia Dal Soggio jewellery best?

More than one: the fresh water sound for some pieces, the tropical summer for others, but also the epic music for some fall/winter pieces … then lyrics for unique pieces in Baltic Amber… Every stone, every jewel and every woman wearing it evokes different music!

If you could choose one song that describes best your jewellery, which one would it be?

I would not know, but I would definitely choose a song that tells the grace and magnificence of nature, its power sometimes gentle like aquamarine, sometimes disruptive like lava stone, deep and silent when it gives life to corals but intense and alive when you look at it in the marvelous green of the emerald ...

What is your favourite piece of your Silvia Dal Soggio jewellery?

I love to use coral, apatite, turquoise, amazonite, emerald, aquamarine, crisoprase … the color of the sea! However, I love all my gemstones!!!

Which exciting things are coming up for your jewellery line? New lines planned?

I am creating the winter collection and it will be absolutely amazing: there will be the deep black of onyx and the sparkling black of spinel, wisely cut by the Thai masters to exalt the warm and moderate light of this black gemstone. Also the tiger's eye, which will warm winter with its golden glow, the amber, magic, soft and enveloping ... and then the bronzite, amethyst, red jasper ...

They will be short multi-lines necklaces or long chanel type, easy-going, casual, but absolutely glamourous, to be brought with sophisticated simplicity … like the authentic Italian style!

Silvia Dal Soggio Italian Jewellery

In the Studio

How does a typical day at work look like? How do you source & make your jewellery?

Well ... I have two small children who create my typical day every day ... but fortunately, they go to school!!! Then I dedicate myself to my stones: I prepare the collections, I choose the shapes, the colors, the cuts ... I put them together, I mix, I make up, I try ...

Sometimes I need a goldsmith who works the metal on my design, so I go to see how the work goes on, sometimes I go to Milan to find my local suppliers to see if they have any new pieces to offer. I have several suppliers around the world, so some time is dedicated to mailing them.

During the time of fairs, I am around Europe looking for wonders, rare or unique pieces, which then I propose as the masterpiece of the collection (and they usually fly off!!!). Each piece is sold with the certificate of authenticity, so I take a long time in my small test lab, where I check that all the stones are authentic and untreated. In the certificate, I tell a little legend about the main stone, so I dedicate some time to the reading of the historical sources. Then ... I make packages to ship around the world to my customers!

Silvia Dal Soggio Italian Designer Jewellery With Gemstones

Where do you draw the inspiration from?

From the stones that show me the way: I choose them for their wonder, their color, their shape and their cut ... then exuberant and fantastic pieces take life in a sparkling dance in front of me! Then I read magazines, surf the internet, look at the Milan fashion shows and their proposals for the next season and try to imagine which jewels could match those fantastic dresses.

Long Necklace in milky aquamarine rondellas and carved jade pendant  Long Necklace in white sponge coral beads and very fine quality dendritic jasper pendant

Last but not least

Ring, Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, or Bangle?

All jewels but natural gemstones in every jewel!

Mountains or beach holiday?

Mountains to recharge and beach holiday to relax.

What's your favourite city?

Venice, the city of my studies.

Do you have a favourite jewel that comes with you on all your travels?

Yes! A wonderful milky aquamarine necklace, which is the Christmas gift made by my mom and that opened me the doors to this wonderful world...

ThiSilvia Dal Soggio Italian Designer Jewellery

This interview is part of the Behind the Scenes at Independent Jewellers series. To see more Silvia Dal Soggio's stunning designs, check out her website here.



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