Matthew Calvin - Timeless Minimalist Jewellery Design

Following our previous introduction to featured designer Argent of London, today we will be introducing another one of our favourite designers of minimalist jewellery – Matthew Calvin.

Very much like that new kid on the block, Matthew Calvin studied at the University of Arts London and is now a London-based contemporary jewellery designer and producer. He launched his jewellery career a few years ago in 2013, making him a fairly recent name in the industry. If you haven’t heard of him, we certainly hope that at the end of this article you’ll be delighted to have discovered this new gem among our jewellery designer collection!

At first sight, Matthew’s designs may not be the most eye-catching jewellery out there. However, some of us may not always fancy clunky or multi-coloured necklaces. So if you’re searching for just a simple, timeless piece of jewellery, congratulations because minimalism is probably the best and most suitable term to describe Matthew Calvin’s jewellery.

As a travel bug, some of the places Matthew has lived in and travelled to include Paris, Barcelona, as well as certain parts of Asia and Africa. These enriching experiences around the world have greatly helped him in birthing the concepts of modernity, and have also been a great inspiration behind his designs.
Matthew’s jewellery often consists of clean lines and hand crafted finishes, instantly adding a tinge of modern style to the wearer. With much effort and attention, the pieces are handcrafted to their finest quality and standard. Furthermore, to take it up a notch, all jewellery also comes with a beautiful packaging that you won’t bear to chuck away. If you’re planning to get the jewellery as a gift, this will definitely save you some time from combing the gift shop in search for a nice and fitting packaging.
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