Introducing Song of Jewellery's Gemstone Ring Styles

The unique rings designed by our contemporary jewellers from Britain and the rest of Europe offer a variety of stunning and distinctive jewellery. Some jewellery designers in our ring collection create modern gemstone rings while others add a touch of baroque or minimalism to their ring designs. Song of Jewellery’s features many gemstone rings in gold and silver that are both trendy and classic jewellery covering almost any occasion. Our gemstone ring collection is influenced greatly by the designs of our jewellers Amara Amara and Manja Jewellery.  

For chunky gemstone rings that offer more of a rustic, antique look you may like the Multi Stone Orla Ring by Amara Jewellery where you get a variety of gemstones in a noticeable unique ring. Cocktail rings that add a dash of intensity while you hold a Martini at a black tie event include the Multi Stone Cocktail Rococo Ring by Amara Jewellery which comes in both silver and gold. A more classic ring that still has a presence to your look is the Amethyst and Rhodolite Love Birds Ring.

If your taste is more geared to minimalist rings, you will want to look for basic silver or gold rings. The basic silver ring with a square peridot gemstone like the Square Peridot Ring offers a unique design that shines brightly. If a gold ring, the Smoky Oval Topaz Ring offers a touch of class and is an everyday ring you can add to a variety of outfits.

Rings with character in their design are always something to be marvelled no matter how big or small they are. A one-of-a-kind ring design like the Sensual Amethyst Ring by Manja evokes emotion in us, much like a piece of art. A nature-inspired ring like the Rough Cut Aquamarine Ring is intoxicating and yet possible to match with many fashion styles.

If you like to wear iconic rings that are rare and set you apart from everyone else, the Iconic Deco Cocktail Ring by Amara Jewellery is just that. With its classic designer vintage style and various gemstones, this ring will be noticed and adored. The Wide Band Amethyst Ring by Argent London is another decadent ring that makes a statement. Adorned with gold vermeil and pearls, this rare style ring design is highly revered and exceptionally unique.

Whatever your particular style is, there is a ring that suits who you are or how you feel. Seasonal gems that are made to bring in the seasons in designs are especially lovely for summer and holiday jewellery. And what is a better occasion to treat yourself to a unique designer ring if not for a wonderful holiday?




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