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Our Top 5 Favourite Picks for Jewellery Gifts Under £50

Is someone celebrating a birthday? Or perhaps Mother’s Day is just round the corner? No matter what occasion it is, jewellery is always a wonderful gift suitable for all. That being said, sometimes not everyone is able to afford a £500 piece of jewellery, or perhaps they have simply set their budget lower for a particular occasion. If you’re one of them, all hope is not lost as there are still plenty of fishes in the sea! Here are some of the top jewellery gift picks under £50 that we have carefully selected, just for you:

1. Gold Blue Chalcedony Tear Drop Earrings (£47)

Hailing from the family of gemstones, this pair of Blue Chalcedony earrings is set in gold vermeil, making it an elegant yet versatile piece. Whether it’s a dinner date or just a simple day out shopping, these earrings achieve the balance of being simple yet striking enough to add some style, making them a great gift choice for any occasion.

2. Red Jade Bracelet (£40)

If you’ve always been getting the usual diamond, gold or silver, why not spice up your gift this time with a different style altogether? The Red Jade Bracelet adds an Eastern, Oriental vibe with its red beads and one single unique gold plated bead – it could just be what you’re looking for!

3. Swarovski Tree of Life Pendant (£45)

Does the person receiving the gift happen to be someone sensitive and detailed, yet bold in fashion? Well, it’s time to add this to her collection! She may very well like this necklace because of its colourful Swarovski beads and extremely intricate design, not to mention the length which makes it stand out in her overall look.

4. Pink Enamel Necklace (£44)

A perfect gift for the simple girl-next-door. Adding on to the sleek design is a colour choice of pink, which successfully adds some fun and youthfulness to the necklace. Indeed, this is a piece of jewellery that instantly adds timelessness to a person’s style. If you think the necklace itself is a little too simple, we have good news for you – there are actually matching earrings available too!

5. Aventurine Crochet Bracelet (£30)

The Aventurine Crochet Bracelet is beautifully handmade with amazing workmanship and details, crafted for lovers of gemstones, beads and crystals or just crotchet jewellery in general. If that just fitted the description of your wife, daughter, friend or whoever you’re planning to gift, congratulations! You’ve found the perfect gift. A bonus: the bracelet comes with an extension so you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will fit her wrist!

So there it goes – our top 5 picks for jewellery gifts under £50. We hope you managed to get some ideas and find inspiration in gifting to that very special her. Regardless of the choice though, we would like to encourage you that ultimately it’s the thought that counts – and we’re sure she will appreciate the gift, whatever it is!
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