How To Choose Your Office Jewellery



A Little Guide On Office Jewellery

Ladies that are working in an office environment require jewellery that looks both subtle and delicate but also reflects their personality. It is important to go for high quality jewellery with a professional appeal. Don't rush it and give yourself some time find the piece of everyday jewellery that you feel comfortable with.


How to find the best office jewellery?


1. Less is more. Go for timeless and subtle jewellery.


2. Choose quality and fine jewellery over fashion jewellery.


3. Don't mix and match too much. Stick with either gold or silver jewellery. Make sure the earrings match the necklace. If in doubt, always go for a classic jewellery set.


4. This one is straightforward: No noisy jewellery. Make sure you don't wear clinking bangles or tinkling earrings.


5. Depending on your profession you may want to add a small and delicate statement jewel to your overall outfit - just a small detail to add your personal touch.


6. Choose jewels that you feel comfortable wearing. If you never wear jewellery privately, don't feel pressured to wear an entire set of jewels in the office.


7. To complete the professional look, consider wearing a watch. Go for a subtle and classic watch that matches with your overall jewellery choice.


Song of Jewellery's office jewellery collection features timeless everyday jewellery, well suited for any professional occasion. Our contemporary jewellers offer a wide range of classic jewellery pieces at affordable prices. So, also young professional ladies should be able to find some smart looking pieces in our jewellery boutique without spending a bomb.


And a little note on the side for the ones working in the fashion or jewellery industry: Your office jewellery may look entirely different! However, our tip is to first stick to a classic set of jewellery if you are new to the job. Then pay attention to what the other ladies are wearing and try to understand the unspoken rules in your office before you show off your chunky designer statement necklaces and earrings!




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