Gift Guide for Nature Lovers

Your girlfriend or wife is a nature lover and you are looking for a unique gift for her? Or are you a nature fan yourself and just need this little piece of jewel that perfectly shows your feelings for mother earth?

For the ones looking for gifts, there are of course the 'common' nature lover gifts such as binoculars for watching animals, camping accessories or a stylish hammock and of course wooden home decoration accessories. Sounds exciting? Well, probably. But we still believe that a unique and nature-inspired necklace beats your box of camping utensils!

How convenient that we at Song of Jewellery carefully select our jewellery designers so that we are able to feature a great variety of different styles and designs :) This, of course, includes beautiful jewels for eco-maniacs. And what is better than finding that perfect gift for your wife which implies that you really have put some thought into her birthday gift this year? And here is some inspiration for the perfect present!

Timeless Gifts For Nature Lovers

The timeless gift collection comprises a more classic design of jewellery and therefore makes a lovely and timeless present. The lady of your dreams doesn't have to be a fashion lover to wear these stunning pieces. What is also great about these jewels is that they can be worn to any occasion. That way she can show her nature love all day and night. The sterling silver selection consist of two swan feather rings and a romantic flower necklace by Icelandic designer Aurum and a dragon fly inspired necklace by British designer Argent of London.

Timeless gifts for nature lovers

Abstract Gifts For Nature Lovers

The abstract gift selection consists of flower and nature inspired pieces by Icelandic designer Aurum. The first two sterling silver rings resemble flowers in a rather abstract way whereas the last two pieces are made with lava. With this stunning lava jewellery set you can wear a piece of nature with you all day!

Abstract nature sterling silver jewellery

Gifts for Beach Lovers

Isn't the beach one of the most beautiful parts of our earth's nature? If you are a beach lover or looking for a gift for a beach bum, how about one of these lovely sterling silver necklaces? The adorable necklaces are all inspired by the ocean, be it a turtle pendant, a pearl shell pendant or a cute seahorse necklace. These beach necklaces are a must-have for your next summer holiday! 

Gifts for Beach Lovers

Feather Jewellery For Bohemian Nature Lovers

Whilst the ladies with a more conservative style stick with the timeless nature inspired jewellery, the boho chic ladies will be drawn to to these stunning bohemian feather necklaces by Aurum. Choose from a variety of different feather designs and colours. There are lots of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings waiting for you - all in feather design!

Feather jewellery for Boho Lovers

Fish Tail Jewellery For Ocean & Aquatic Lovers

Now that we have covered feather jewels, flower rings, timeless nature inspired pieces and accessories for beach lovers, this section is for the ocean & aquatic lovers. Some of these unique fish tail pieces, e.g. the fish tail necklace, are unisex and can also be worn by men. That way hubby & wifey can show off their nature love together!

Fish tail inspired jewellery

For more inspiration, check out our Nature Ambience jewellery collection.

Are you a nature or animal lover? What's your favourite piece?

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