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'I have always wanted a charm bracelet the thought of collecting beautiful pieces of jewelry that represented a special time or moment in my life was something that really appealed to me. My 21st birthday came and I was really lucky to get my first Pandora bracelet and some beautiful charms from Jordan. The charms he put on there were so cute and represented his love for me. Other family members also got me charms with a 21 on it and the key to the door charm.

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At this point in my life dancing was a big part of it. Attending dance lessons a couple times a week and also helping teach the younger children on a Saturday. So when my dance teacher brought me a ballet shoe charm I was over the moon. I don't any longer do a lot of dancing as life just gets in the way but this charm reminds me of the times I had at dancing.

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I like to get a charm for each life event that has happened to me and thanks to my parents I don't miss getting a charm for these life events. They got me a little suitcase charm for my first holiday away with Jordan, a turtle charm when we had our little terrapin flip and also a little house when Jordan and I brought our first house.

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More recently I have had the biggest life event ever. We had a daughter in January being wrapped up in all the excitement of having a baby I never even though about my charm bracelet. Jordan however didn't; he had gone and got me a new strap and three new charms. These represent the little bundle of joy that had come into our world. This alone is one of the most thoughtful things I think anyone has ever done for me. For some people they may see this as nothing but the fact that I can show Ava this when she grows up just makes me so happy. I plan to keep these going throughout the rest of my life and then give them to Ava when she is older. So the memories of my life before her and since having her can live on.

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If I was to talk about all my charms we would be here for a very long time so I will leave it there. I would love to know about what charms you have and the stories that go with them.'

This guest post is part of our Share Your Story series and was contributed by Jess from The Beauties & The Bibs. Get in touch if you have a story you would like to share.
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