Before and After Wedding Thoughts By Jennifer

'So I had spent almost a whole year planning my wedding. And there I was sitting with a glass of wine in my old 'children's' room at my parents place the evening before my wedding day.

I had spent 17 years at this place growing up. The room is just full of lots of happy moments and also sad moments - just the normal up and downs while growing up. When I was 22 I moved out to live on my own. This is now 3 years ago. Yet every time I come home to my old room I feel safe. I looked around myself. Since I had redecorated the room when I was 13, not much had changed. OK, all the silly boy band posters have been removed and a few other bits and bites had changed over the years. You could say, the room had grown up. Like me. I have grown up. I am getting married tomorrow!

My thoughts this evening were all over the place. I felt so much excitement and joy to marry the love of my life the next day. Yet also I felt scared. Scared to really grow up. To leave the sanctuary of home and start a new family. What if I'd fail? And on top of all these thoughts, I was incredibly nervous that something would go wrong on my wedding day. At least, I thought, neither my fiance nor me got sick, no pimples were coming up, our entire families would be there the next day and so would all my best friends. So this was already perfect. This part of the wedding seemed to be going like planned already. But the next day was still the big day. So I feared that the photographer would be too late, the band would be bad, my guests would have a bad time etc. And what if my fiance would hate my wedding dress?? I downed the rest of my wine and decided to go to bed. It was only 8 pm but I wanted to look pretty for the next day. My appointment at the hairdresser was already set for 10am and I had breakfast planned with my parents. It took me forever to fall asleep. I was tossing and turning and couldn't stop thinking about the next day.

Eventually I must have managed to get enough sleep as I felt really energised the next morning. I woke up and felt super excited. All my worries from the evening before were like blown away and I just couldn't wait to GET MARRIED! So I had breakfast with my parents, went to the hairdresser, got my make up done, slipped into my dress (which my husband loved by the way) and had an amazing time before the ceremony. My mum and my best friend kept me company which made everything even more special. And what can I say, the whole wedding day was perfect. Though it sounds cheesy, it was certainly one the best days of my life, if not the best. I married the love of my life surrounded by all the people I love. And this is when I realised, it doesn't matter if something goes 'wrong ' on the day. If the band is stuck in traffic, you run out of champagne, the vegan food isn't really vegan (just vegetarian).., it is going to be alight. Everything will be fine.

Wedding Planning and Thoughts

So here I'm sitting now. In a bar of a beautiful hotel on the beach. On my honeymoon. With a glass of wine. And I feel really blessed and grateful for this amazing wedding day. To all the girls out there stressing out, please just relax and enjoy every moment. This is your big day. It will be perfect no matter what.'


This guest post is part of our 'Tell Your Story' guest blogging series and was contributed by Jennifer K. who is now enjoying her honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Do you want to tell YOUR STORY as well? Just let us know and we will be in touch!


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