The World in My Hands by Hannah Roberts

"For as long as I can remember, my aunt has worn the most interesting rings. Collected from her travels, named after each of the countries in which she acquired them, they cover her fingers and tell stories of her world adventures. She has so many now that they have to be swapped out for one another, like substitutes on a jewellery box bench. Now I, twenty-two years old and an avid (yet not-so-travelled) traveller myself, I have taken inspiration from my aunt and also collect rings on my journeys, and at pinnacle points of my life. 

Funnily enough, the first ring that kicked off my collection of finger adornments was a gift from my aunt for my eighteenth birthday. It’s a wide silver ring with two moving bands and I adore it. It’s unusual and a statement, and I wear it on my thumb so I can play with it.

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On the same hand, I wear my newest addition, a beautiful silver band with a square of amber. The amber is from Northern Poland and I bought the ring in the Great Market Hall in Budapest this summer on a trip with my friends to celebrate the end of our university degrees. 

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The other three rings that I wear are all from the same shop in Montmartre in Paris. My languages degree took me on a year abroad to France and Spain, and I spent six and a half months living a tiny five-minute walk away from the artsy 18th arrondissement of the French capital. The oval-shaped labradorite and moonstone rings were both purchases I made myself, one for no other reason than I was walking past the shop and took a fancy to a pretty moonstone ring (and the pretty prices that appealed to student me), and the other I bought during my last week living in the city as a sort-of final hurrah and farewell to my favourite shop (and also because I wanted a labradorite ring to match my lovely labradorite pendant). My final ring, silver with a rectangular piece of moonstone, was again a birthday gift, this time my 21st. Almost the entirety of my close family came to visit me in Paris to celebrate the occasion, and, while the ring was gifted by my nanny, I went shopping for it with my aunt; she who features so strongly in my finger jewellery story. 

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Despite currently missing a Spanish one, I love my little collection of worldly rings. They tell a story of my adventures and passions, and they hold special memories. A new ring is the first thing I search for when I begin to look for souvenirs to take home, or even onward, and now I find myself beginning to get excited about it even before I go on my trips! 

Having just graduated from university with a languages degree I have the world at my fingertips, and thanks to my inspiring aunt and an inherited passion for foreign rings I also truly have the world in my hands (well, on my fingers)."


This amazing travel & ring story is part of Song of Jewellery's Share Your Story guest blog series and was contributed by Hannah Roberts. To read more of her stories, visit her blog at Hannah International.

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