How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding (& Photos of the 9 Cutest Wedding Dogs!)

The Cutest Wedding Dogs

Do you have a little furry friend who wants to be a very special guest at your wedding?

It's not surprising that many couples decide to integrate their dog in their wedding. After all, what looks cuter than a dog in a tux or with a flower crown?!

There are a few points that need to be considered before dressing up your little wedding dog:

6 Things to Do Before Including Your Dog in Your Wedding

1) Consider your dog's personality.

Is your dog still a puppy and not well trained yet? Is she used to big crowds or will she be frightened? Does your dog generally behave well or does she bark a lot?

2) Are dogs allowed at your wedding venues.

Depending on where you are celebrating your wedding, dogs may not be allowed. Make sure to check with the different venues beforehand and, if allowed, let them know that you will be bringing your dog.

3) Hire a dog sitter.

Unless you are planning to spend your whole wedding day and night with your dog, you will want to hire a dog sitter or name a few of your bridesmaids or family members to look after your sweetheart. Make sure that your dog is supervised at all times and has his regular walks, food and water.

How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding (& Photos of the 9 Cutest Wedding Dogs!)

4) Inform your photographer.

Of course you would want to have your doggy in your wedding photos. Let your photographer know beforehand so he can prepare some great ideas to include your dog in the wedding photography.

5) Think of what role your dog should play during your wedding

Will she be bringing the rings or just look cute by being the dog of honour? Make sure to train each role well in advance so your doggy is prepared for your and her big day!

6) What is your dog going to wear?

There are incredibly adorable outfits for wedding dogs out there. Below we have looked through Pinterest and chose our 9 favourite wedding dog photos for your inspiration.


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