15 Reasons Why You Should Shop From Independent Jewellers

It's quite obvious that in order to find your personal jewellery style you shouldn't be shopping the same fashion and accessories that everyone else is shopping. How could you ever embrace your individuality if your look is exactly the same as everyone else's?

The best way to find your personal style is to discover independent jewellers with really unique pieces. That way you diminish the chance of buying exactly that necklace or bracelet that your friends have just bought as well. And on top of that, there are so many independent designers out there, that you will likely find a few labels that you truly LOVE and exactly design the jewellery that suits your personality and fashion style perfectly.

Do you need a few more reasons why you should start including independent boutiques in your next shopping trip? Here are 15!

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15 Reasons Why You Should Shop From Independent Jewellers

1. You are shopping a story.

At the end of the day what you shop is just metal, gems and pearls designed to look beautiful...BUT! But what if you could add a layer of personalisation to it? What if the new jewellery you bought actually told a story? You will buy something that is more than just a piece of jewellery.

2. You won't look like everyone else.

It's easy to just wear the high street jewellery that all your friends and their friends wear. Well.. you can't go wrong with that. But you will also just look like everyone else. Isn't that so boring and most of all sad? You are unique with your unique personality. Underline it by defining your own look. Go out there and embrace your personality!

3. Independent jewellers are perfect for defining your own style.

By choosing unique independent designer jewellery, you are adding a personal note to your look and wear exactly that piece of jewellery that you LOVE. There are literally unlimited jewellery designs handmade by independent jewellers. Chances are that you will find your personal jewellery style somewhere in that crowd. And if not, just get in touch with the jeweller to create the jewellery of your dreams. You heard correctly, independent jewellers enjoy bespoke work and creating a unique piece of jewellery just for you. They love to get to know their customers and make them happy. Try to get that from a high street jewellery brand...

4. You will be wearing jewellery made especially for you.

Lots of smaller labels and independent jewellers that focus on really high end jewellery usually don't carry much stock. So if you place an order with them chances are that the item is made especially for you. Often you are able to customise it as well, creating a truly unique piece of jewellery!

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5. You won't get bored.

There are so many independent jewellers out there that you literally will always discover new jewellers with new amazing styles and designs. If you think that you have 'seen it all', just dig a bit deeper into discovering new designers and you will be in a for a surprise :) Independent jewellers will keep it quirky and unique!

6. You are supporting creativity and individualism.

Independent jewellers don't follow the fashion trends of the high street. They embrace their individual style and enjoy exploring their own creativity to create new pieces of art. Each piece bought from an independent label will allow you to express your personal style and support the creative industry at the same time.

7. You will be a trendsetter, not a trend follower.

Rather than wearing the generic brands and jewels that are available on the high street you are discovering new labels and jewellery designs. There are lots of amazing independent jewellers that are not yet heavily presented by high street retailers. By buying from these independent boutiques you are setting your own trends rather than shopping generic jewellery designed for the mass market.

8. You might find some real gems!

Strolling through boutiques of independent jewellers you might find some really quirky and unique pieces with extra ordinary designs that you won't find in your usual high street shop.

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8. You are supporting communities and small businesses.

The list of independent jewellers includes long established niche jewellers with quirky designs as well as emerging jewellers who make their jewellery from their home. By buying from them you are not only getting beautiful jewellery but also supporting small businesses, local artists and communities.

9. You are not simply entering a 'shop'.

Whether you are discovering the boutique of an independent label or shopping at an independent jeweller online, you are visiting the studio of an artist. The way the jewellery is presented and the entire design of the boutique are an extension of the jeweller's brand and serves to express the artist's creativity even more.

10. You are able to establish a direct relationship with the jeweller.

Depending on the size of the label you might meet the jeweller behind the label rather than just the sales assistant. Lots of independent jewellers also showcase their jewellery at exhibitions - another great way to get to know the artist behind the brand.

11. You won't pay up just for a brand name.

If you buy from an independent jeweller you will know that the gems and pearls are carefully sourced and selected. Every piece of jewellery is handmade with lots of attention to detail ensuring that you get the best quality. This means that your are paying for the material used and the jewellery making process rather than simply paying up because it's a 'brand name'.

12. You will be able to buy high fashion jewellery without paying the premium brand price for it.

By shopping jewellery from independent designers you will be buying a piece of art. Jewellers often spend days and nights for months to finalise a new jewellery design. They are not following the mass fashion trends but shaping their own. And because independent and emerging jewellers are not hugely known in the market yet, you will be able to find haute couture pieces without the premium price.

13. You might be discovering the next star.

By shopping from independent jewellers you will discover brands that are not yet available on the high street. Whilst some of the jewellery labels will always stay personal with lots of bespoke designs, a few others will venture out to become the new hype in the fashion world. How awesome would it be to have been one of their first customers!?

14. Your shopping experience won't end straight after payment.

For most of the high street shops you are just another customer of so many. For an independent jeweller you will always be special. Many independent labels beautifully gift wrap their jewellery and even often include a personal note with it. And by giving feedback you might even be shaping some ideas for designer's future collections.

15. You will have lots of fun.

If you love extraordinary designs and unique pieces, shopping at independent jewellery brands will be lots of fun. There are so many incredibly beautiful pieces to discover so that you will happily spend hours in their shop or on their website.

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