Vintage Movies as a Great Source of Fashion Inspiration

Vintage Movies as a Great Source of Fashion Insposource

There are two kinds of fashion personalities – those who follow trends, and those who create their own. While we admire those who can rock any new trend and include the most outrageous new pieces into their wardrobes and make it look effortless, there is something absolutely magical and inspiring about those forging their own paths, or better yet, those who are bold enough to show their love and appreciation for the olden days through fashion.

These lovers of all things vintage show a tremendous level of commitment that is applause-worthy. Not only are they unusual, but it takes plenty of effort to dig out not only inspiration, but actual vintage and vintage-inspired garments to build a wardrobe that looks like a chic time capsule.

Vintage Movies as a Great Source of Fashion Insposource / source / source

With the rise of vintage-loving ladies who are stealing our hearts as they walk down the street or appear in our Instagram feeds, came the rise of small vintage fashion houses that are here to cater to their needs. There are plenty of us out there who believe that vintage fashion is the epitome of class and timeless elegance, and you wish to dip your feet into the vintage pool, what better place to start looking for inspiration than in old movies? After all, these iconic ladies still have an enormous impact on us in every sense, so why not channel your old Hollywood goddess proudly and express your true style persona?

Funny Face

Vintage Movies as a Great Source of Fashion Insposource / source / source

Who first to turn to for a touch of that old glam but the one and only Audrey Hepburn? Breakfast at Tiffany’s solidified the iconic status of little black dress. Today, we’re digging deeper and presenting not one, but two iconic moments from an equally important, although perhaps lesser known movie – Funny Face.

In it, the actress plays a girl who rises from obscurity and becomes a Paris fashion model, and one of the most poignant and unforgettable looks is by far the sleeveless floor-length red dress paired with red kitten heel shoes, a red wrap and white gloves. It makes us wonder – when did we become too cool to wear evening gloves? Perhaps it’s high time to take them out of the ‘Halloween costume’ section, dust them off and rock them to a next upscale event, along with the wrap of course.

This is definitely not an everyday look, but it will certainly own the room when you show up at the event, so start scouting for a killer red dress and make it your goal to get these gloves, and don’t forget about the cherry on the red sundae – the mighty statement necklace. You will be stared at – but that’s all part of the charm of looking different.

The notebook

Vintage Movies as a Great Source of Fashion Insposource / source / source

Although the movie came out in 2007, it covers the entirety of the ‘40s and a part of the ‘50s, (and it has stolen all of our hearts in addition to that). The reason this movie is worth being on the list is because in it, Rachel McAdams is seen in a variety of low-key, daytime looks from which you can draw inspiration from numerous vintage-casual outfits.

One of them is certainly the iconic powder blue dress she wears when Noah takes her to the lake. But we also can’t help but fall in love with the simple yet super-chic look from their very first date, on which Allie wears a simple red cardigan, and one of the most simple yet gorgeous floral skirts (that we can easily find nowadays), combined with T-strap platforms. Get your curling irons, because you will certainly want to replicate this look, and don’t forget to add a stunning string of pearls into the mix.

A different kind of vintage

Vintage Movies as a Great Source of Fashion Insposource / source / source

We are breaking all the rules and making new ones, but let’s not forget about the ladies who came before us and made it possible for us to do so. One such rebel, whom we love dearly, is Annie Hall, who took men’s fashion and made it her own.

Rumor has it that Diane Keaton used items from her own wardrobe for many of the looks in the movie, so perhaps it’s time to rummage your boyfriend’s closet and search for buried treasures. His white button-downs, pressed trousers, even vintage ties (this one you might find in your grandpa’s closet more likely, and create your own rebellious looks. Ok, the trousers might be overkill, but we are definitely loving the vest and the tie. 

Beauty of the day

Vintage Movies as a Great Source of Fashion Insposource / source / source

If your tastes lean more towards the Chanel –type, French chic, you might want to find the movie Belle De Jour and pause to take notes every time she steps out in a new outfit. Although she does become a prostitute, seemingly out of sheer boredom, she enters the profession with class, or at least classy outfits, mostly consisting of well-tailored pencil skirts, tucked in silk blouses and stunning stilettos.

Apparently, it was Saint Laurent who managed to convince Catherine Deneuve not to wear short skirts in the movie at a time when mini-skirts were fashionable, so that the film would never become outdated, and it has certainly achieved that timeless quality. So, we suggest you start scouting vintage shops for red blazers, military coats and little black dresses with white cuffs and collars.

The fashion article was contributed by Sophia Smith. Read more of her work here and here.
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