Song of Jewellery specialises in jewellery hand-made by contemporary European designers. Whilst some of our jewellery designers are already very established London and European jewellers that offer really special masterpieces, other designers are "hot" newcomers having graduated from top jewellery schools only some time ago. With this mix we are able to offer affordable unique and high quality jewellery that you will not find on the high street.

If you love gemstones in your jewellery, Argent London has made many unique pieces of jewellery that celebrate a variety of gems. A playful piece by this independent London designer is the Daisy Gemstone Pendant Necklace. Unique jewellery pieces such as this are a treasure when you find them in a niche jewellery boutique. The cabochon cut chalcedony gemstone and pearl daisy cross pendant are set in both silver and 18ct yellow gold. The beautiful thing about independent jewellers and their work is that their jewellery is individual and handmade. This makes each piece of jewellery unique, a one-of-a-kind gem that is just for you. While Argent London creates classic pieces of jewellery, Katherine Bree creates intense artistic pieces that are the centre piece of your look. Boutique style jewellery such as the Blue Gemstone Statement Collar caters to the fashionista. The collar's bold and artistic style brings together handmade white leather yoke with a Swarovski button. There are four rows of gemstones with a theme of the intergalactic. If you love unique gemstone jewellery that are one-of-a-kind designs, you will love this original jewel.

Independent jewellery designers stay with the trends and often create them. For some of the more elegant jewellery for evening wear, we recommend British designer Kokkino or Amara. For those that are not faint of heart, Kokkino offers above and behind artistic pieces. Melanie Ankers is a popular British jewellery designer that utilises sterling silver, 22ct gold plating, oxidisation and vitreous enamels. The unique jewellery of Kokkino’s collection is like art on the body, pieces that you will celebrate for years to come. The incorporation of both silver and gold in the jewellery with additional adjustments to the metal make for special jewellery that make them heirloom-worthy. For example, the Electra Multi-Strand Gold and Silver Choker exhibits twelve silver pendants, each on their own strand. The discs within the necklace are individually finished with matt and polished around the edges. Incorporated into the design are accents of 24ct gold on some of the silver discs. Amara creates classic and often delicate jewellery that are Asian inspired. From Gold Smoky Topaz Claw Drop Earrings to a Peacock Pearl Necklace, the incorporation of gold wrapping around the gemstone makes these special pieces of jewellery.

No matter what independent jeweller you like from our collection, all of these pieces are made with artistic thought. Many of the unique jewellery you see is made to order with the opportunity to choose what type of stones or metals you want incorporated. The care and attention that go into each stunning piece of artistic treasure go above and beyond the main stream, high street jewellery you may be used to. Adorn yourself with local jewellers pieces that host with them individuality, decadence and personality.


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