Gemstone Earrings

Song of Jewellery’s collection of stunning gemstone earrings is a unique blend of designs utilising precious gemstones. In the collection, you will find both gold and silver pieces that incorporate just the right shape and colour of gems. Some stunning themes have been created that celebrate the sun and other earthly elements. The collection was brought together with any occasion in mind from daily wear to evening gown accessories and are all artistically unique. Gemstones that inspire and offer decadence, whimsy and class will brighten up your wardrobe and bring out your personal expression.

There is a range of gemstone earrings for any occasion such as the Aquamarine Drop Earrings on Large Hoops by British jeweller Argent London. The rough cut Aquamarine gemstones and gold vermeil hoops come together in harmony to create a chic bohemian element. They are perfect for sprucing up an outfit and giving it some playfulness. To celebrate your love for gemstones, British jeweller Katherine Bree has created delicate sun inspired gemstone earrings in gold. The Gold Solar Flare Gemstone Earrings hold Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Carnelian and Amethyst crystals that freely orbit the gold ring. These can be worn for nearly any occasion with just a 4 cm drop. Katherine Bree also designs a sun gemstone bracelet that is a nice addition when wearing the earrings. For those who have opted out of having pierced ears, there’s even something for you in the collection. The Triangular Turquoise Gemstone Clip earrings by Argent London artistically make a statement with a length of 22mm.

For your everyday jewellery, a simple pair of Citrine Silver Tear Drop Earrings by jeweller Amara Amara are perfect. Citrine is the gemstone of success so making these crystals a part of your work attire is recommended. They are stunning and will add an element of lightness to your outfit. If you’re into a really minimal daily look with a taste of decadence, the Smoky Topaz Gold Studs by Amara Jewellery could be your “go to “piece. The gemstones are set in 18 ct gold vermeil ear studs with delicate partial gold wrapping around the stone adding nice detail. We of course all have a romantic side in us and Amara Amara created the perfect gemstone jewellery to embrace this. Recommended as perfect wedding jewellery for their romantic elements, the Gold Rainbow Tear Drop Earrings are white gemstones set in 18ct gold vermeil. The tear drop shaped gemstones drop to 22mm and measure 10mm at the widest point.

All of the collection's jewellery and designed and crafted by European contemporary jewellers. If you are looking for gemstone earrings with more unique touch than what you find everywhere on the high street, this is your perfect jewellery collection. We hope you will find your favourite crystal earrings in it but if you prefer some even more unique earrings, please contact our Customer Care team for bespoke jewellery. Bespoke earrings would make a very romantic and personal gift to someone special to you.

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