Evening Jewellery

Song of Jewellery's evening jewellery collection features a range of delicate and glamorous jewels from contemporary European jewellers. The creativity that is put into each of the items in this stunning jewel collection is unique. If you are planning to attend a red carpet event, a formal ball, a romantic and luxurious dinner or a glamorous cocktail party - this is your jewellery collection for find your glamorous crystals and jewels for the evening. While some of the necklaces, bracelets and earrings in this collection belong to classic and timeless jewellery that looks elegant no matter what, other jewels are some real stylish statement pieces that will make you stand out. Some of the more 'different' jewellery and eye catcher pieces in this collection might not be chosen well for a formal ball but may turn you into the queen of a stylish cocktail party. These particular jewels are generally very popular with real fashion lovers that just enjoy to look unique and impress through their style. Choose for yourself - what will you go for? Elegant and classy pearl jewellery or a chunky couture statement necklace?
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