Luxury Collection

Expressing ourselves to the outside world allows us to show who we are without saying a word. Part of this expression can be through jewellery. All of our jewellery pieces are from Independent jewellers with many of them being from the UK. With this in mind, they create unique jewellery that is inspired from the streets they roam. Artistic treasures that incorporate all of the ideal metals and gems will cause your heart to sing. From creative pieces that are Baroque or Swing inspired to Minimalist, you’re going to adore the non-high street jewellery available. They are instead more like keepsakes that you’ll use daily or for any special occasion. Rings with precious stones you seek coupled with decadent bracelets or silver and gold bangles. Embellishments such as unique made-to-order necklaces or romantic earrings are all on offer. Enjoy the unique jewellery collection brought you by well-established independent jewellers. 

Minimalist bracelets can be used as everyday jewellery to make an outfit stand out. A nice stylish cuff like the Apollo Cuff by British jeweller Jamie London is much like displaying art. Incorporate a more luxury bracelet that allows you to bring it from day to night such as the Aqua Chalcedony Coin Bracelet by jeweller Amara Jewellery. For any occasion, every woman should have a bangle she can slip on just to spruce up an outfit. The Silver and Gold Torque Bangle by Argent London is basic and yet stunning. Again, if you’re looking for a day to day bangle then simpler gold and silver jewellery might be better suited to your style. 

If you like to adorn yourself with embellished unique jewellery, Baroque earrings such as the Pearl and Crystal Drop Earrings are for you. For essential daily wear earrings, Kokkino offers Small Gold Plated Studs that delicately make a statement. Whether it’s gold or silver earrings, stunning stud earrings or hand crafted silver drop earrings there is special jewellery for any woman. Furthermore, precious stone earrings are on offer like the Amethyst and Turquoise Flower Earrings by Amara Jewellery. 

Whether you choose silver or gold rings that are simple or incorporate precious stones, they are like the small detail we add to show our character. Luxury jewellery such as Multi Stone Gold Cocktail Ring by Amara Jewellery is the very essence of Baroque jewellery. If you’re looking for a romantic ring for an anniversary, the Perla Pearl Ring by Aurum is the epitome of precious keepsake jewellery.

Simple necklaces that can be utilised as everyday jewellery include the Jaipur Ruby Necklace by Argent London. The minimalist jewellery further allows you to embellish yourself with delicate daily pieces of art. Necklaces for your everyday jewellery include pieces like the Gold Tube Pendant by Matthew Calvin. Meanwhile unique pendants that add depth to your wardrobe come in various style to match your look. UK and European jewellers were inspired by nature to create wearable art that allows you to embrace your love for nature. A good example of this is a whimsical necklace that includes a Silver Sea Horse Pendant Necklace by Argent London. If your style is for more decadent necklaces, the Blue Cascade Enamel Egg Pendant by Argent London which was inspired by the Faberge egg.

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