Care and Guarantees

Just a little care and your new jewellery should last forever.

Wearing: We recommend removing jewellery when showering or bathing and particularly when on the beach or in the sea. Avoid applying creams or spraying perfume onto your jewellery. Avoid wearing jewellery during sport.

Storing: We recommend to store your pieces individually in a pouch to stop them from being scratched or tangled. Do not store your jewellery somewhere humid as moisture increases the appearance of tarnish.

Cleaning: Do not use soap or hot water to clean your jewellery. Soap particles may become lodged in jewellery settings and also soaps can leave a film over metal and stones. The best way to clean jewellery is to use a soft cloth. A silver cleaner can also be used for cleaning your silver jewellery. Avoid using tissue paper or paper towers as they may scratch the metal and stones. Harsh chemicals and cleaners should be avoided at all times, especially for gemstone jewellery.


Product Guarantee Policy

Every piece of jewellery is guaranteed for 12 months (under normal conditions of wear and tear). Please contact us should you require assistance.

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