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Argent of London 

Argent of London is an independent British jeweller based in London that specialises in jewellery with a timeless quality. The designer's pieces are both stylish and contemporary yet very classic allowing Argent of London's jewellery to be treasured for generations. By aiming for the highest quality of workmanship and offering value for money at the same time, Argent of London offers 'affordable luxury'.

From the very beginning the designer has combined silver with gold creating unique and timeless jewellery for any occasion. The British jewellery label was founded in 1996 and is stocked in a number of outlets including Leamington Spa and Selfridges London, Edinburgh, Solihull, Milton Keynes, Bath, Birmingham and Manchester.


Argent of London British Designer Jewellery

Amara Amara

Amara Amara is a London based jewellery designer known for timeless and romantic gemstone jewellery. Amara Amara means eternal and unfading, a concept that is intergrated into the designer's creations. The label's jewellery is inspired by the ancient healing powers of gemstones which are brought to Amara Amara's customers via exquisite gemstone jewellery that is supposed to enhane the overall feeling of vitality, natural healing and inner calm.

The Briitsh jewellery label was founded by Rosie May Reddington who has always had a fascination with gemstones and their healing properties. Already at a young age the designer felt the different energies when touching crystal stones and magnetic fields. Amara Amara's jewellery design if focused around each gemstone which means that the jeweller's creations follow the shape of the stone rather than setting stones in a certain settting. That way each piece of the designer's collection looks slightly different with its own unique properties.

British Jewellers


Heiter is a British jewellery brand that was founded by Belgrade born Mia Krstic. Her love for Science Fiction & Film & Noir and Art Deco is reflected in each of the designer pieces. Heiter's jewellery is unique, striking and different.

Mia works predominantly in crystal and chain and creates contemporary jewellery with a nostalgic and edgy flair. All of her pieces are handmade in her studio with careful attention to detail.

Heiter Couture Independent British Designer Jewellery

Jamie London

Jamie London is a British jewellery brand founded by New York born jewellery designer Jamie Rubin. Jamie discovered her love for jewellery already at an early age of 7 at the local Italian market. After studying jewellery making in Arizona, Jamie moved to London and launched her first collection in 2004.

Jamie London's jewellery style is characterised by boho-vintage classics and trendy seasonal pieces. Jamie combines tradtional metals with gemstones, leather and crystal, creating organic and feminine pieces. Her jewellery is quite nostalgic and romantic with a twist of ethnic influences. Some designs are rather classic and others are quirky and individual. All of Jamie London's jewellery is handmade in her studio in North London.

Jamie London British Independent Jewellers

Kassandra Lauren Gordon

Kassandra Lauren Gordon is a British jewellery designer who discovered her love for jewellery at the early age of 9 years. Kassandra was given a gold locket by her mother which Kassandra still treasures and keeps in pristine condition after more than 20 years. As a young teenager Kassandra noticed how jewellery transforms people and brings their personality to life. She bought jewellery for her friends and family and loved to see the joy in her faces. Nowadays jewellery still equals love for Kassandra.

Kassandra studied jewellery making in London Hatton Gardens where she learnt the traditional techniques of making handmade jewellery before she set up her studio in East London. Kassandra Lauren Gordon's jewellery is ethically designed and crafted and strikes through its modern and feminine style. Kasssandra designs her pieces for ladies wishing to wear minimalist and modern pieces in a professional work environment as well as for creative women who wish to wear loud pieces. Her jewellery is minimalistic with organic, textured elements that contrast with geometric shapes. Each piece of Kassandra Lauren Gordon's jewellery is infused with storytelling. In addition to making jewellery, Kassandra also enjoys writing poems and stories. To learn more about the jeweller behind the label, read the 'Behind the Scenes' interview wit Kassandra Lauren Gordon in our jewellery blog.

Kassandra Lauren Gordon Jewellers


Kokkino is a British jewellery label that was founded in 2003 and has since risen in popularity due to its timeless appeal and bright colour pallette. Melanie Ankers, the jeweller behind the label, creates unique contemporary pieces by combining bright silver with warm 24 carat gold and enamels. Her jewellery is smart and sophisticated yet offers a range of striking statement pieces.

Kokkino's jewellery is perfect for spring and summer due to its bright colours yet can also be worn to brighten up dark winter days. Each piece is handmade in Melanie's studio in Worcester and then distributed to stockists throughout the UK and Ireland. You can also find Kokkino's jewellery in a few sprinkled stockists across the rest of the world including Europe, the US and Japan.

Kokkino British Independent Jewellers


MANJA is a London-based jewellery label that carries the colours and vibe of Madagascar in its heart. The brand was launched in 2014 by three brothers with a Madagascan family heritage in jewellery design that dates back five generations.

MANJA is known for its vibrant and exotic colours set in sophisticated and modern designs. Each natural stone is selected carefully to guarantee the label's high quality of gemstone jewellery and craftmanship. MANJA means 'beauty' in the Madagascan language, a concept that is reflected in each piece of the label's jewellery.

MANJA Jewellery

Molly Brown London

Molly Brown is a British children's jewellery brand that was founded in 2006 and soon dubbed 'Tifffany for girls' by VOGUE magazine. Erica Illingworth, the founder of the label, had the vision to create a brand based on the belief that any piece of jewellery given to a little girl should be of good quality and luxury.

Molly Brown's designs are simple yet sophisticated that can be treasured and loved forever. The designer mainly works with sterling silver creating stunning jewellery for girls of all ages from baby girls to young ladies.

Molly Brown British Designer Jewellery For Children


Monvatoo is a London based jewellery designer specialising in whimsical fantasy jewellery. The label was founded in 2012 when Monvatoo's first little dragon ring was born. The designer's first piece, from lead pencil drawing to wax caving, on to casting and finally to its gold plating, was entirely designed and crafted on the first little wooden bench in the label's London workshop. Since then the little baby dragon ring collection has become the signature design of the jewellery label and many more little creatures were born, expanding Monvatoo's lovingly kingdom.

Monvatoo British Jewellery Designer

ORA Pearls

ORA is British jewellery label specialist in classic and contemporary pearl jewellery. The brand was established by pearl specialist and jewellery designer Bibi Southwell who has spent over a decade to establish relationships with pearl farming communities and gem suppliers worldwide. A few times per year Bibi travels the world to source the most beautiful pearls for her jewellery. 

The jewellery label's vision is to bring new life to the way pearls are traditionally worn with a more fashion look and affordable prices. All of ORA Pearls' pieces are handmade in Bibi's studio in London.

ORA PEARLS British Jewellers Shop Online

Sebastian Pintea

According to UK based jeweller Sebastian Pintea "Making jewellery is like playing music. One has to be patient and wait for each tune to be played out, not rushing to the next." Sebastian started his jewellery making career in 2011 in the London's jewellery district, Hatton Garden and obtained a Bachelor in Fine Art from Konstfack University Collage in Stockholm Sweden in 2015. Since then he has established his own fine jewellery label to express his individual style and design. In many of his pieces you can see his love for music like in his piano jewellery series. Other pieces are one-of-a-kind designs with strikingly unique features. Learn more about the designer and his jewellery making process in our jewellery blog.Sebastian Pintea British Jeweller


British hair accessory designer is your go-to label if you are looking for the perfect bridal tiara. Tiararama's founder and designer, Suzanne Laughlin, believes that hair accessories should be designed to suit each bride and reflect her personality and individuality. The label specialises in high class tiaras, headbands and combs that are adorned with pearls and extra sparkling detail.

Before establishing her designer label in 2005, Suzanne worked as a business analyst in a bank in London for seven years until her dream of a creative career took over. Since then she has in the world of bridal accessories and designs for brides all over the UK and Europe.

British Designer Bridal Hair Accessories


Rokus in an independent British jewellery brand specialising in quirky and elegant sculptural pieces by merging African cultures, ancient arts and architectural designs with contemporary fashion. Rokus's individual jewellery is perfect for ladies and gentleman who seek to make a statement.

The London based jewellery label was founded in 2013 by Marie-Paule, a jewellery manufacture and design alumna from London's University of Arts. Her bold designs are influenced by Marie-Paule's life in London, Paris, and Switzerland and by her West African Baule heritage. Marie-Paul designs and hand-crafts all pieces from her studio in London.

Rokus Jewellery British Jewellers


Italian Jewellery Designers

Simone Vera Bath

The 'lady of rings', Simone Vera Bath, is a Berlin-born, Italian-based independent jewellery designer. Simone's jewellery emanates imperfection, transformation, contrast and playfulness. Fused with precious and impressive materials and gemstones, Simone Vera Bath's jewellery is unique, special and most of all individual. The designer works with precious materials including gold diamonds and bronze as well as with core materials including wood, creating striking pieces that redefine contract and balance.

Each piece of Simone Vera Bath jewellery is a unique piece of art handmade in her studio in Rome.

Simone Vera Bath

Co.Ro. Jewels

Co.Ro. Jewels is an independent Italian designer label that was established in 2012 by the designer duo Costanza De Cecco and Giulia Giannini.

The jewellery label's architecture-influenced pieces are hand-crafted with lost-wax casting and 3D printing techniques. Working with metals including gold, sterling silver, bronze and ruthenium, Co.Ro. creates timeless jewellery that plays with geometric forms, architecture and spaces.

To learn more about the jewellery label read their 'Behind The Scenes' interview in our jewellery blog here.

Co.Ro. Italian Designer Jewellery



Icelandic Jewellery Designers


Aurum is an Icelandic jewellery label that was founded in 1999 by Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir, goldsmith and designer and Karl Jóhann Jóhannsson. The label is known for its quirky detail and unique merging of products and shapes that are strongly influenced by Icelandic nature. The jewellery has a feminine touch yet is a modern appearance making Aurum's pieces perfect for any occasion.

Guðbjörg's jewellery design has received much attention worldwide and was awarded first prize in the jewellery competition Spirit of the North in St. Petersburg in 2000, received the DV Cultural Award in Reykjavík for art design in 2002 and the Icelandic Visual ArtsAward for design in 2008.

Aurum Independent Designer Jewellery

Portuguese Jewellery Designers

Ana Pina

Ana Pina is a Portuguese jewellery designer and architect from Porto. After a few years within architecture Ana followed her passion into a more creative career path, venturing into the world of jewellery. Ana founded her jewellery brand, Ana Pina, in 2009 and has since then collaborated with various shops and workshops worldwide.

Ana Pina's jewellery line is characterised by sophisticated and minimalist shapes thereby combining traditional jewellery making techniques with contemporary concepts of design. Ana draws her inspiration from colour, the nature of materials, contrasts and textures, and geometric relations and asymmetries. She works mostly with sterling silver. Read more about her jewellery making process in her designer interview on our jewellery blog.

 AnaPina Portuguese Jewellers


Vangloria is a Portuguese jewellery label founded by Lisbon based Vanessa Pires, the jeweller behind the label. Vangloria's pieces are all handmade (mostly in sterling silver) by Vanessa herself using traditional jewellery making techniques. The jewellery brand's pieces are characterised by boldness and sophistication - a 'fusion between the concrete world of forms and the intangibility of emotions'.

Vangloria Portuguese Jewellers

German Jewellery Designers


FINERBLACK is a Berliin based designer label that creates bold and daring statement pieces that are not for the faint-hearted. The brand's statement jewellery and accessories are for ladies and gentlemen and include a range of chain chokers, necklaces, elegant long fetish collars, bracelets, and hand-painted varnished flowers. FINERBLACK's pieces are creative, edgy, eclectic and stylish.

The German label was founded by Berlin-based, Italian designer Alessia Flavia Vitale and has since been featured in fashion magazines like VOGUE UK and GLAMOUR UK and is worn by international bloggers like Olivia Emily. FINERBLACK's pieces are sold internationally to thousands of customers who love the label's avant-garde, haute couture and haute fetish fashion.

 Finerblack German Independent Jewellers


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